Peque Gallaga is mad as hell


From Director Peque Gallaga:

Not since Marcos have we as a people been so polarized. As far as our hearts and minds are concerned it’s like we’re in the edge of a civil war. We are forced to take a hard look at ourselves and what we value.

Because of this, we are fighting friends in coffee houses, on the telephone, and on Facebook. We are a people whose lives have been upended. We don’t know what to do to get things done right and right away. We lash out. We insult our leaders trying to get them to do a lot more than to pose for photo ops – of giving out relief goods on a one-by-one basis. We cry desperately for demonstrable government response – we get almost next to nothing. It is increasingly apparent that local media goes hand in hand with self-servicing Malacañang press releases which are more concerned with their showbiz image than confronting, accepting and dealing with the problem. What our leaders tell us is contradicted by the reports from international commentators who are understandably more objective and growing less dispassionate as they witness the horrors around them. What our leaders tell us is also contradicted by the victims in these areas who are slowly able to give us the true picture of the realities of the situation. And the reality is that people are starving. The dead still lie on the streets even five days after the event. There are anguished souls scavenging for whatever they can to survive, as well as professional looters ambushing the helpless and relief caravans. It’s a war zone out there.

This disaster has affected, not only the islands in the path of Yolanda, but all of us as a nation. We have all been judged and found wanting. But more worrisome, is that we take a long hard look at our leaders and we judge and we find them wanting. It is worrisome because we have chosen them and are paying them to serve the needs of our nation and it seems that they can’t deliver. I don’t think that anybody, even the most criminal politician, can be that hard-hearted and close his eyes to this calamity so I can only surmise that they don’t know what to do. That they are impotent and incompetent. I am 70 years old and I don’t know what to do, but then again, I didn’t run for office promising the voters that I would take care of national concerns.

I am a private citizen and like most of my fellow citizens, have given of what I have to the relief effort. I have given to the point of hurting. I am 70 years old and have been stupid a lot of times for seven decades. I want to think that I can be a little less stupid now. This time, I want to make sure that my hard-earned money will reach its intended goal. I am sick and tired of throwing away my money; of making our politicians wealthy because of my unconcern and my inattention. I am sick and tired of my stupidity.

So I very much care now where all this help is going. I read Marvin Xanth Geronimo who was there when Yolanda struck: that TV personalities and politicians like Mar Roxas and Ted Failon going to Tacloban for the photo op. They never helped; endless tracking video shots of flattened towns with people walking clutching a plastic bottle of water with no government presence whatsoever; Korina Sanchez calling Anderson Cooper “misinformed”. Cooper was in Tacloban. Korina was not; the US landing 5 planes full of goods and not allowing any politicians to touch any of it. How much more do we need for us to realize that the enemy was not Yolanda? Yolanda was just a force of nature. The enemy is our leaders. And the leader of our leaders is the President.
So what now? There’s nothing I can actually do. I can only rage, rage against the dying of common decency. I can only rage against this man who claimed in a Christian Amanpour interview that he couldn’t get to the disaster areas because the weather after the storm left didn’t permit him to fly. This is 24 hours after the sun was shining all over the Philippines by then. I can only rage against a man who made light of the tragedy, refusing to identify it as a major disaster; who made light of a victim of looting who was shot at by telling him, “But you did not die, right?” I rage against a man who continually blames the LGU’s on the ground for their incompetence and their inefficiency because it is beginning to dawn on me that these Visayan LGU’s happen to be Romualdez people and this man is playing politics with people’s lives.
This is a crime. What this man does is unconscionable. I can only state it here. I can do nothing about it for now. I will wait for whatever movement develops after this fiasco and I will join it. But for now, what I can do is to declare that I am deeply offended by the people who try to stop me and others from stating the obvious. All those people who charge us for criticizing, for being negative, for Aquino bashing – I am done with these people. In a very Yellow Army way, they try to hide behind an illogical argument that we cannot help if we criticize. I don’t know how good these friends are at multi-tasking, but one does not cancel out the other. We can help and we can criticize. And at this point I am convinced that we do help when we criticize; if at one point we can, as Hamlet says, “catch the conscience of the king”. But I know that this is futile. This man is no king. He is not even a real representative. What can you expect from someone who never worked an honest day in his life. What could he possibly relate to?
So my friends who accuse me of Aquino bashing: I want you to know that I’m done with your line of thinking. Either you defend this man or you defend the people that this man is ignoring. Don’t believe that the people are his “boss”. This was a piece of advertising sound byte created by showbiz experts to get the unthinking masses out there to swallow this uniquely unqualified man. This man who is totally unprepared for the most difficult job in the country. So my friends, as far as I’m concerned, you choose him or you choose the people. But if you instruct me again to stop bashing this man I am unfriending you. I will unfriend you in Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, and out in our leaderless streets. ~~ Peque Gallaga

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  1. Bravo Peque! My sentiments exactly,hope more people get to read this and be enlightened.

  2. You’re one true Filipino, Direk! One brave to speak about the truth and doesn’t need other’s opinion to act for what you think is right. A salute to your good and truthful mind. I support your sentiments and as Filipino citizens, let’s protect our principles and the dignities of our national heroes who fought against others at the expense of their own lives. I am also an ordinary citizen but i love my countrymen and I’m angry at our leaders who don’t act the way they should.

  3. I agree! I think, as far as he is concerned, he does not want to declare martial law on the cities and provinces affected by the super typhoon, more specifically in Tacloban. Because how ironic can it be to declare Martial Law on the hometown of the wife of his family’s nemesis who once declared Martial Law in the country.

    You can clearly see that he’s not open to actually help the provinces just because of bad blood.

    As what we see here, he’s making impractically biased judgments, and it’s just unfair seeing that he is the President and all.

  4. Bravo! If I were to write my anger, my frustrations, and the hopeful things that can happen at this point, my political distress and more distressful thoughts, you wrote them all so explicitly. Yes, like you I am 64 years old and I am not only really getting tired of all of this, but I am just tired. I’d like my aging siblings, my children and grandchildren to have a better life and living around our country. Over the years we worked as hard as anyone, okey lang naman yung minsan abundant, minsan kulang, happy pa rin naman ang buhay di ba? Like you, I will choose the people. My best wishes to your endeavours.

  5. bilang isang OFW, naisulat, nailawaran, nabanggit at nailabas niyo mismo ang aking sasaloobin na nais sabihin at isigaw.

    two-thumbs up and raised fist from me.
    bravo and more power direk

  6. We have exactly the same thoughts Mr. Gallaga and you expressed the way I felt in enormous detail. If I were to be asked, all the cabinet men including the President should resign, senators, congressmen, mayors, appointed officers of NGOCCs because I am sure that the world is watching and we are better off rescued and taken cared of by friendly foreign countries.

  7. Makikita naman na hindi bless ang present administration. Sunod Sunod ang calamities. Sunod Sunod ang problema… Meron Naman mga warehouses ng nfa sa region na yun bakit Hindi yun inuna na maibigay. Handa naman pumila ang mga survivors. Willing nga silang mglakad ng ilang Oras just to get help na like makaalis sa lugar ng Tacloban.

  8. I agree what was written in this article.I’am sick and tired of our iresponsible goverment officials.I’am not sure if we revamp the goverment it will be the best solution.Because same old dogs will be the same old style of governing.But come to think of it,we the people of the philippines is truely the goverment of the republic.Why choose from the old politicians if there are many new politicians who are capable to manage the country in the likes of Mayor Duterte of Davao and Mayor Hagedorn of Palawan.But this is just an opinion.What truely matters to me now is a new,organize,clean,respectful,people oriented and God feared politician and not merely actors and actresses.I rest my case let the people of my beloved philippines decide for the future of my country.

    1. Yes, I agree with your opinion, Much that we wanted to be governed by most honest, respectful competent leaders however, until now people of the Philippines did not feel the result and still frustrated with the present administration. In other words “hit and miss.” Is there other formula?

      I am also frustrated hearing the news about the incompetence of our leaders broadcasted in the international media. While people are suffering the devastation of typhoon, one LGU commented that ” we don’t need doctors and nurses, we have enough” blah blah blah…Is he not hypocrite broadcasting it in the international media? What a shame. I agree we have surplus of medical team, but where were they when they were needed most.

      Lastly, I am happy to hear that most people interviewed by the international media can speak fluently in English without interpretation including children. In this way, listeners understood their cry and generated more assistance from foreign countries.

  9. Very well said said sir….👍 very upfront but obviously true.if im not mistaken i’ve seen you @ ATC a while ago?

  10. It’s almost like as if you’ve read my mind. As much as I don’t want to be “nega”, I just can’t help but feel the same sentiments. People have died and those who survived may encounter the same thing if not attended to immediately. And there’s just so much wrong in the government’s system that hinders a fast resolve. Lots of excuses and some sort of “need for understanding as to why there’s a delay.” No, it is the lives of the people we’re talking about here. All their excuses need to be addressed immediately and the only way to do so is to think and act fast. But then again they come up with a better excuse and it goes on and on. It’s like as if they’re just waiting for things to get better. Their incompetence is unacceptable. The whole government system needs to be revamped. The extremity of this calamity is definitely something that we’ve never imagine, however, this is not the excuse in doing the job for the people. And yes, I can’t speak nor reason out on what I would’ve done if I was part of the government handling this, however, my opinion is drawn from those who are suffering right now and that, I can speak for.

  11. I’m maybe a nobody in the society, an ordinary filipino citizen, a working mother of two wonderful kids, a typical housewife of an OFW (our modern day heroes) and therefore acts as a “daddy” to my kids too, i’m simply just a typical mom willing to sacrifice by all means to ensure the well-being of my family…

    From Day 1 of the aftermath of monstrous Yolanda, these have been my sentiments, too and I agree with Peque’s points of views… It is now slowly dawning on me that God’s better purpose for this tragedy could be the AWAKENING of ordinary Filipinos to fight for this motherland and reverse the would-be miserable plight of our children’s future and the next generations to come…

    Its time for us to unite and fight for what is JUST and RIGHT !!!
    I will surely join you at the streets if needed… soon please!

    God Bless the Philippines ♥

  12. Very good point Direk……….that’s what the people want to say and hear…….

  13. Mr Peque Gallaga, Thank you for expressing the anger that i feel with this government ….this that they call Noynoy or Bnoy, so he can associate himself with the Filipinos we ourselves call Pinoy in order to get the votes. He is so mediatic that he can sacrifice other people’s life just for his popularity and also because he is not in good terms with the Romualdez?! Is this the leader that we have entrusted our country to handle? To deliver and articulate himself in speeches is not good enough to run The Philippines. Truth now shows what he is. The whole world is now judging his leadership.


  15. I commend your bold statement and I will join in any movement against incompetent leaders – the scam artists in the Senate and Congress. I wouldn’t mind if people would raid their homes and empty their cupboards.

  16. To Peque Gallaga,
    As I am reading your messages, I thought you are brave and courageous human being with food heart to reaspond and listen to our fellow country men. Everything you said is true and no doubt people will be at your side and will appreciate your help of spreading the words all around the globe. It’s a shame that Phil. Goverment doesn’t have balls to step up and help this people. It’s hurtening to see their plea of asking help. They do not deserved to serve our country. I hope This help from our countrymen would reach all the people affected by this awful tragedy. I think we need intervention from other country ASAP. THANK YOU FOR YOUR BRAVERY AND WOULD BE NICE TO SEE THE GOVERNMENT step up and do their job. And to the Philippine corresponders , News casters you are all scared that you will lost your job by telling the truth. Man it! Fight for your kababayan who vote for this people sitting in the goverment. If you don’t be true to what you share to the media especially you “Korina” .The world is watching!

  17. Thank you Mr. Peque Gallaga. For putting out there. Your a man of his words. I salute your bravery! !!!!

    1. How I wish my president Gibo were around to lead and inspire us. Pwenoy can only lay blame on others. Walang accountability whatsoever.

  18. .This is probably the most accurate and succinct comment I have read in a long time.My relatives in Tacloban have and are living through what you are speaking so eloquently about.Lack of honest communication from our leaders will probably put me also in the category as a basher. So be it! Where is the leadership so necessary at a time like this? I applaud you!!!!Director ,mabuhay ka…Jacqueline of sydney .

  19. I am very mad as hell ever since pdaf scam blow up until now! I cant stand it anymore! I dont really care about politics and politician nowadays but i cant stand it anymore! Putang ina mo panot!

  20. A man who speaks out from inside his heart, whether favorable or unfavorable to you, is a man of honor. He is not lying unlike the politicians who speak everything favorable to you but all are lies. Shame on them.

  21. To those defend abnoy, or our so called president…he has embarassed the phil so many times, he fucked up during hte hostage crisis, he fucked up during the pork barrell scandal, now he is fucking up in Leyte…and you still defend a fuck like this. You people can muliti task, yeah help the people in the Visayas but there will be a reckoning after this, we do not need a pres. who cannot do the job, impeach the fucker, or better yet, Aquino is not the cause of the probelms in the phil, he is a symptom, the real cause is the deeply ingrained corruption and incompetence in our gov. which has festered since Marcos, this has to be destroyed and if we need to kicik out all the fuckers in the Phil gov. than so be it, clean slate starrt over from scratch they have fucked us over for the last time. Our politicians do this since there is not accountability in the Phil, so they can act with impunity, this has to stop, if there needs to be another revolution then so be it. These fuckers will not get away with what they have done to the Phil and the Phil people. God will not help you, your prayers will not help you, you will need to pick up your boots and go out and help yourselves….face your responsibilities and be REAL FILIPINOS….we have fallen so far from our real values of our forefathers, from the great like Pres. Magsaysay have we fallen so far. So for now we focus on solving this problem then we turn to destroy the real probklem of the Phil which is our fucking corrupt system and gov. as the NIKE commercial says, JUST DO IT…

  22. Peque you nailed it!!! I have been an OFW in Dubai for freakin 24 years. Whenever there’s a calamity in the Philippines there would be groups coming out from nowhere claiming to raise funds for the needy. Then you would come to know that some of them (if not most) would be sold in Divisoria or somewhere else! It just fuckin sucks that we try to get everybody out here to contribute and end up in the wrong hands!!! It makes me soooo skeptical.

  23. I’m with you in this. For people like us who are so far away, all we can do is rage too. And hope that all our efforts to help will directly go to the victims.

  24. Excellent Well said Mr.Gallaga! I am not as brilliant as you but the present president is so ashamed to Declare Martial Law and its a fact that he should declare but he can not accept the reality that history repeats itself!!! Its high time now to open the minds of the Filipino people to wake up see the truth behind the “Yellow people” like the Aquino’s. They are ruining the minds of the people so much…

  25. I have given up on this President many crises ago! This is what we get when we push a man to become our leader simply because he has the name and the winnability, but in the end he will have to depend on a coterie of advisers which include these self serving people who pushed him in the first place -the likes of Abad, Drillon, Roxas and the many people from the NGOs who now have become big time. What can you expect from someone who has never shown any indication of being a leader since he was young. My God he is not even capable of finding a wife and raise and manage a family. He has no track record of leadership nor management and suddenly he became President? And now many are expecting he would deliver during times of crises, calamities and disasters? Every time I hear him speak I sense that he is being stage-managed with all the proper ques and timing. But can he think alone and quick and decide? I really doubt it. Surely those around him would really know by now. But of course, they will project a better man, their product and their puppet. All those around him are nothing but Marionettes!

  26. Thank you so much for your bravery MR GALLAGA, i hope our government can wake up to see there countrymen suffer the pain and hungered….

  27. This is indeed an eye opener. We have come to a point in time when we become too misguided with information at hand. We people need to realize that our country is going down the rut due to our own doings. We need to choose our politicians better. We detest constructive criticism yet we can clearly see that all the things that are happening around us are due to own doing.

  28. Like our elders say….kung ano ang puno, yun ang bunga…..DI PALA TOTOO…..IBA SI CORY, IBANG IBA KAY PNOY, ANAK BA TALAGA NYA TO?

  29. Thank you Sir, you made my cry! Thank you for voicing out how you feel and please Sir do not STOP!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…

  30. … I read Joey de Leon’s commentary and he’s really the henyo ng mga henyo.. But after reading this Gallaga’s expression of soul, I would say he said it all what most of us, concerned Filipinos, feel about the situation.

    Like I said before, Mr. President, be Presidential, Not a Child …

  31. My dear Peque, I am astounded by what you’ve written, because it is exactly how I feel, I am in awe of how inept our government is, I don’t care who did and didn’t do,, stop the finger pointing and damn it, do something, and the buck stops with Mr Aquino, he is the president for God’s sakes, if he is unable to handle the crisis, call Japan, call the US and ask how this tragedy could be handled, why can’t they not send the army, the navy to clean up, bring food, through the sea, or drop them from helicopters or something, do something PLEASE!!!!! It is 1 week after the typhoon,, you know what’s going to happen in the hard hit areas? anarchy, people killing one another for food or for survival, how can you sleep at night., anyway, I just had to get this off my chest.
    Just want to share what I am doing, I sent an appeal to my friends for my hometown of Zarraga, Iloilo, I spoke with the Mayor, who I trust and I will send the donations directly to him, because I know he is honest and is working very hard to help the people of his town. I do not believe in giving to the organizations because I don’t know when the help will come, if it comes, I don’t trust anyone because I doubt people’s integrity, I know it’s sad, but I’ve seen it in Haiti, I’ve seen it in New Orleans etc.
    again, thank you for your thoughts.
    God bless our country!!!!!

  32. Nice Mr. Peque Gallaga! I just wanted to add that VP Binay went to Tacloban… Shaking the hands of those poor people while smiling… Saw it on TV. WTF right? ano nman magagawa ng pakikipag kamay mo sa mga victims? para saan yan?


  34. very well said Peque, you reflected the views of several
    millions of Filipinos in disgust over the government’s handling of the tragedy. I am not pro-American but I think the American military could be tapped in relief distribution, they have the capabilities and is good in logistics.

  35. it really came to my mind after ive watched the interview of christian amanpour.he wont care much coz tacloban is the place where imelda romualdes marcos came from.why will he care?these politicians might be thinking this is a blessing in disguise coz now everybody will forget about the napoles how the people forget about the ampatuan massacre in mindanao>yolanda is the biggest natural calamity in the world,but lets not forget that our country has been hit with ”MAN MADE CALAMITIES .created by greedy POLITICIANS……

  36. i salute you, direk peque… i admired in your movies, but i most admired you because you awaken the people for the reality…for what we’r facing now……..this is what we call… A VOICE for A CHANGE..especially for the corrupt official of the government.

  37. Count me in. I couldn’t agree more!
    Noynoy failed!
    Had he humbled himself and said, “I am sorry. This disaster is beyond my capacity. Our government is not prepared for this. I begged the international community to come and rescue us.”
    I am sure people would have viewed him differently.

  38. My nabasa akong libro ang title “AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH” by Neil Postman. Parang yung kwento tungkol sa pinas. Dahil ang gobyerno natin showbiz pati ang karamihan sa atin na imfluensyahan ng media/showbiz kaya itong mga ito nakaupo. sana naman sa susunod maging mautak na taung mga pinoy dahil tayo lang ang kawawa. Karamihan ng nakaupo mga magnanakaw.

  39. Yes sir, I couldn’t agree more. It’s a sad, painful, shameful truth. If this fiasco continues and if those counties that are helping will lost there trust and turn their backs on us, i dunno know kung saan tayo pupulutin. Kaluoy na sg mga biktima, makakaluluoy pa gid ang ila dangtan tungod sa gobyerno.

  40. Exactly how I felt after Manila hostage crisis, sendong, Bohol etc…we don’t have a leader!!!

  41. Totally agree with you, sir. My golly, even Jose Rizal, our National Hero, did his part in “criticizing” against the Spanish Rule. There is nothing wrong in airing our feelings as we are supposed to be living in a “free” country.

    Like you, I will endeavor to help… but will find other ways to make sure that my money and in-kind donations reach Tacloban and the other affected areas. I will not trust in this Administration ever again!

  42. remember the time when his mother, Cory Aquino, who grabbed the Marcos era…there were many calamities-Mt.Pinatubo, strong typhoons, famine, etc. that we suffered allmost as we had these days with PNoy, the son of this matriarch. l am based here in USA and i could feel the anguish of our “kababayans”, without the help of other nations, their reliefs pouring in and their medical missions to our hlepless pinoys would have been much, much more merciless!!! their plight could have been more of rolling coffins elsewhere and those ‘trapos” are nowhere to be seen to alleviate the situation. with their corruption, the blood money of our people whereto shall this monies be givenif not to our people in the depth of ife & death???now, is the time for you to let go of those resources stolen from the people. those are not for their own securities, it must have to be dispensed now for our people!!!!monies of the people must be given to the people and no exception who’s who in this administration to must have to empty your coffers for our people. rages of people all over the country will not stop until your flamboyance will be overruled by people of the people – the Filipino people as a whole!!!!! let the people judge you with their uprising, they are full of sentiments and hatred…their outrages are the least they can manifest on this critical and crucial moments!!!!

  43. exact sentiments told.
    Altho Pnoy was singled out, and Pnoy i still, believe has been better than some other ‘recent’ presidents. I wld imagine a much worse response if this catastrophe has happened to these previous presidents.
    I also believe that he is not the only person who is the ‘impotent and incompetent’, but also much worse than he is, is Mar Roxas.
    Very bad partnership, very bad leaders.

    I can feel your hatred and frustration so well. Hope that this voice will be heard. Tama na sa trapong pamamahala.kakapagod na. Mahal ko ang bansa ko, pero yung liderato at pamamahala ay bulok, at ginagawang imposibleng maipakita ko ang pagmamahal na ito.

  44. The President promise everything and now look what is happening, survivors need food and water and yet he can’t provide! AMong anyone else in the Phils. he has the access and command but how come he can’t even command a supply for them!!

  45. I salute you Mr Galaga! Watching the misery of hungry and thirsty victims and rotting corpses for 5 days was beyond belief. I for one defended the president before but his inaction other than having his photo taken has appallingly failed. I have seen poorer countries feed the hungry by air when similar calamities struck their nations. How in heavens name did he and Mar Roxas not think of food drop when they themselves saw the enormity of the destruction? I struggle to come to terms of the haunting images beamed around the world because of his incompetence . Korina Sanchez ignorant comment even made it worse. It was like a slap on the living victims faces and the dead. How can she be so uncaring? How could most Filipinos that after so many years of corruption and poverty be so gullible to vote or should I say sell their dignity to incompetent, self-serving and corrupt politicians on election days? I am tired too. I hope that people will change for a better Philippines before my time is up.

  46. Peque, te conosco por tus amazing films. Tambien por mi hija Monica, si rescuerdas.
    Estoy en Australia, pero mi hermano, luigi, a pasado un email com tus palabras. And i am utterly in accordance with your stand!!!! I respect you and I believe you! Muchas muchas gracias don peque !!!! El dia que todo este pasa, por es muy malo que esta pasando – es la dia where we can all celebrate, if it should one day come to fruition! Well said, peque! Well said!


  47. Hindi ka nag iisa sa mga senti mo ,marami tau dahil sa bullock n govt natin.kc pag tumulong cla kailangan maitelevise para Malaman ng taong bayan…..naka kahiya sila buong Mundo n ang sumampal sa kanila para mataohan…..mga relief good ayaw ideretso sa kanila kc alam n nila n d Ito mapupunta s mga bitima.

  48. Mr. Gallaga, thank you! You just said what I was feeling and thinking since day zero of typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Only a heartless fool can not see what is going on around him. It is sad, so sad!

  49. this president have lost whatever ascendancy that he enjoyed prior to this deluge. i am ashamed of myself to have voted for this prick. i rest my case.

  50. Reality right from the heart of a very sensitive director himself. Hope you make a movie exposing the very truth about this tragedy and place it in the annals of Philippine history… Mabuhay ka Direk!!!

  51. Totally accurate.i been saying this all along.You gave voice to all of the Filipinos that felt the injustices.More power to you and God Bless you!!!

  52. You had just expressed the rightful anger to a government NOT by the people, NOT for the people!

  53. It makes me very sad and angry that the Filipino people have been deserted in their time of need by incompetent politicians and the even more incompetent President. I hope international help may somewhat make up for these incompetent politicians who just stay in their ‘ivory towers’ with their head firmly planted in the the sand.

  54. Wow! No other word(s) could be more appropriate than what you said Mr. Gallaga. I salute you and I am one with you!

  55. Speak out. Raise your voices until they will be heard. Let it haunt those hearts are callous and minds that are closed. If we really want CHANGE, we have to CHANGE the people running the system in this country.

  56. i agree with you direk!unprepared for the most high office in this country!as a result,people are suffering from his incompetence!

  57. I totally agree with you, let us help each others to lift those people affected by Typhoon Yolanda. Because if we are going to rely to all government officials specially to a big liar Noynoy people will really starves to death. Mabuhay ka Mr. Peque Gallaga I already respected you as a Director but because of your bravery you deserves to lifted up.


  59. Thanks thanks and thanks!!! You hit the nail right on the head. We cannot have a weakling for a president. It’s time for a change. Thanks Peque!

  60. Thanks to you manong peque, I’m an HR from Dubai and we are now finished with the first batch of monetary donations and some food and clothes, but I discourage my company to deal with the Philippine consulate in Dubai, because as a Filipino I don’t trust our government and I’m sure that the donations will not go to the victims… To all ofw’s like me please give your donations to a trusted private companies and not to any government agencies.

  61. Two thumbs up, way up! Big toes, too! Aquino has shown that he is burgis, a president for the good times, for the white collar class. Yolanda squeezed out his true colors and he’s been found wanting.

  62. I agree Direk Peque! I could not imagine the Filipino people voted for this incompetent Noy-noy Aquino. He is not acting as a leader and he is not concern at all! And how pathetic Korina Sanchez for bashing Anderson Cooper! She was not even in the field to witness the calamity and sufferings of the people. I admire Anderson and the other CNN journalists. In one of their reportings they said they respect the Filipinos- that despite of the tragic events happening in their lives they still have the resources to laugh.

  63. KUDOS!!! Bravo Mr Peque Gallaga. I share your thoughts and feelings. The leaders that the people elected, especially P-NOY, and the people working around him speak so much of baloney and mere slogans for a just, fair and good governance. Actually, more than three years have past, the leadership is bad if not worse, the government is in disarray and good leadership a failure as shown in the very slow response and relief operations in the aftermath of “BAGYO YOLANDA”. KAWAWA talaga ang mga PIlipino! God bless the Philippines!!!

  64. Not many things can make me cry and be angry at the same time…reading this, I just did.

  65. Reblogged this on Neoteric Alabaster Jar and commented:
    This is one true Filipino statement. If Thailand, Japan, US, UK and all the other countries are able to help us, why can’t our own government who were not affected by Yolanda, most of all PNoy who’s very much alive and well, go, direct and help his own people?

  66. There you go! I hope our fellowmen will be thinking properly now who is capable to run our country!

  67. yan si direk…….tularan natin..wag matakot maglabas ng saloobin..makasagasa ka man ng kapamilya kaibigan kung para sa kabutihan-…hats off direk…………….

  68. Very well said Direk! Playing politics with people’s lives… Adding insult to injury…

  69. We are a Unique People with a Unique culture. Our population is multi- cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious mix. In spite and despite of this we managed to co-exist with no serious issues of discriminations, racism, sexism, or any form of demeaning anti-social behavior towards each other. We have managed to do this for more than a century now.

    This People have been through a lot. We have a very rich history of hardships and struggles. Having said that, we should have learned a lot from it. But where are we now?

    We still don’t know how to choose the right leaders. just one look at the roster of our senators speaks a lot about us. Successful Coup plotters, frustrated Coup plotters, Movie actors, Celebrities, mutineer, a former Police Chief turned senator turned fugitive and back to being a senator again without having to face the Law that he ignored.

    What we need is a good leader who has the ascendancy of Intelligence and leadership. A leader who can relate to poverty and desperation. A leader who knows and experienced what struggle in life is all about.

    And now we are being fooled yet again by the most incapable President we ever had. Taking every credit on every economic gains the this country is presently enjoying which is actually founded and the ripple effects of the long term planning of the past administrations. A President who has the gall to lie in front of the international media about the real situation. Pathetic.

    This crisis is going to define the legacy of this Presidency. This is a severe crucial test to what this leadership is capable of.

    Reports from international news organizations like the CNN, BBC, and the rest ( this news organizations can only be objective in their reports based on what they see on the ground, they will only report facts as it happens ), shows the anarchy, chaos that’s going on. I can only cry for my country, my feelings is one full of anger and frustrations.

    Forget about leadership, intelligence, ascendancy to command respect.

    How about being able to relate to the plight of the victims? If you are someone who never experienced struggle, hardships in your whole life, you can never relate to what this people is going through.

    Why don’t he roll-up his sleeves, get dirty and go to the hard hit areas…. LEAD! You know things are not going well… be a hands-on leader.

    It’s not easy when you don’t know what being a simple living family really means. How being hungry and being left-out really means.

    So still you can’t do it? Fine.

    How about genuine concern and love for your country and its people? At least if you have this, it’s enough motivation for you to do something… right? You will have the sense of urgency to move…. right?

    If you still fail in this department then it’s Hopeless.

    GOD help the Philippines!

  70. Here, here. Well spoken and eloquent. It’s time for Aquino to step down because he can’t obviously lead the country.

  71. all has been said by our man,Director Peque Gallaga, I’ll help by sharing this to my friends so they will know the truth.
    God bless you sir Peque!

  72. But you must continue your ranting and bashing and more I hope. No one should ever buy the line” you are not helping”if you criticize. What do you expect from a news reader with a husband who would never know the difference between a “mahirap na tao” as against their kind who need their beauty sleep even when they are campaigning to be elected in office!!!!!!!!

  73. Filipinos always delight themselves by fireworks, especially if the source is as eloquent and accomplished individual such as Peque Gallaga. His shining intellect and literary genius speak more of him, be in the art, movies & literature. Could we expect another blast (Part II) from Peque Gallega?

  74. A thousand likes, hats off to you direk, you voice out the sentiments of the Filipino people.

  75. Do we need to go through this all over again, to remove yet another incompetent weakling, through yet another revolution? Another impeachment? And who should be deserving of leadership? Certainly not another opportunist, another lame duck, another madman.

    As much as I am unhappy the way the administration is dealing with the situation, and the tendency to create a divisive and toxic environment, I insist that we must help the unfortunate victims of this tragedy.

    1. Actually this time, remove the entire corrupt system, clean slate, all politicos get kicked out, we choose who to put in and this time there is accountability, we destroy the virus at its heart and not allow it to grow anymore. Time to forge a new phil gov.

  76. Well, what do u expect from that guy snyway? I know I made the right decision…not to vote for him!

  77. very well said mister, i salute you for bringing out the true meaning of ‘criticize’. every piece was true enough to demonstrate the condition of our nation. thank you for this inspiring message, i do hope they will be awaken!

  78. …kung mayhiya kapa sa mga “boss” mo, kusa mo ng lisanin ang upuang di nababagay sa katulad mo!,

  79. I felt the same way as you do…I take my hats off to you Pegue for having the courage to say what you felt about the whole situation that has been going on in our government…I really don’t know how to help fight corruption in our country but I would be willing to go out the streets and voice my rights as a Filipino citizen…I think it’s about time for us to join hands and fight this rotten system in our government…thank you Pegue for your post…God bless you! Damo guid nga salamat..

  80. Kung napapanalo natin ang Ms. World or Ms. Universe sa pamamagitan ng pagboto online baka naman pwede ‘nyo ring tangkilikin lahat ng coverage ng @CNN tungkol sa #Yolanda #Haiyan para ipagpatuloy nila ang coverage at pagbabantay at kahit papano maantig ang gobyerno at talagang gawin nila ang kaukolang pagtulong sa mga nakakaawang biktima at huwag magnakaw. Mananalo din tayo sa corrupt na gobyerno na yan balang araw, may awa ang Diyos!

  81. Impossible or Possible?
    4 Senators combined = can buy a C130 Plane
    15 Congressman combined = can buy 1 Huey Helicopter

  82. Now I know how the chinese feels during and after the hostage crisis..kung yung ganung crisis is poorly handled, how much more sa ganito kalaking scope? Mabuhay ka Manong Peque..

  83. very well said!! Bravo to you!! I salute for the bravery..some people in showbiz are afraid to say something because of the influence of Kris Aquino..thank you so much for writing this ..

  84. Sir, we admire you for having the courage to voice out how thousands of us feel. very well said. You will not abe alone when the time comes….change is due, change is coming, by the people for the people!!!

  85. I resent the government, but I still am holding my faith on people like Santiago and Gordon that showed what it means to be a Filipino citizen.

  86. well said, direk…you said it all…kakaumay na itong gobyerno sa pamumuno ng ng tards… walang puso… saliwang utak… namumuro na sila sa aming mga waray

  87. Mr. Gallaga, I felt like you mirrored everything I have to say to these people in power! I’m exasperated by what’s happening in our country, and after helping with whatever I can, I don’t know what else to do but rave about the useless government we have!!! Itigil ang pagka “Nega”? Excuse me,but if it’s the only thing that will get to those shameless leaders we have, why NOT??????

  88. Very well said. The best part of the story is… “Either you defend this man or you defend the people that this man is ignoring.”

  89. Well done..feel sorry for our kababayans they suffer for the incompetent of our leaders…

  90. where in the world you will see a PRESIDENT do not care about a life…. WHY DID HE WANT the man to be killed first when he reported to him that he was almost shot and replIED “buhay ka pa naman ah” before he act, is that mean is waiting for more lives to be taken by others before acting in the seriousness of loothing in the area? Yes I understand some loothers when they took food because they need it, but by taking a bunch of electronic gadgets, instruments or appliances i think it is questionable, it more than loothing, it is really STEALING. you dont need those in time like this….you need to grab foods, water, medicine , the basic necessary thing.

  91. Mang peque napakaganda po ng sinabe nyo dito sainyong sulat,ngunit sa tingin ko po mas mapaparating nyo ng maige sa ating mga kababayan kung ito’y inyong tatagalugin,upnag maintindihan po ng ating mga kababayan.nag mensahe nyo po ay napakaganda…ihatid po natin ito sa mga kababayan natin


  93. Bravo Direk! The disaster of Yolanda and the appearance of Napoles and the Pork Barrel scam has become an eye-opener to many people. We now have to assure donators of relief goods that the donations will not go through the hands of politicians. That is messed up on a whole different level.

    Never forget the Manila Hostage crisis as we, the people, horrifyingly see the failure of the hostage rescue live in the news.

    Never forget the Pork Barrel scam and how we saw the dirt that goes on in the Senate and where the taxpayer’s money really go.

    Never forget Yolanda and the victims that died during and AFTER the storm.


  94. Bravo, Direk! Yet again politics rears it’s ugliest head! I can sense your intrepid mention “that these Visayan LGU’s are Romualdez people”. I tried my best to evade this same thought in the past few days but watching the way things are turning out for the worst for the people of Tacloban day after day in the wake of Yolanda, it all points out to one thing – this not-man-enough male masquerading as the leader of a nation has nothing but VENGEANCE as his motivation… With tons and tons of local and foreign aid piling up, people are left starving and dying right out in the streets because this man will not miss his opportunity to inflict pain on his nemesis.

  95. My gratitude for having the guts to expose the insensitivity and incompetence of Aquino and his band of thieves.

  96. I agree 100%. Very well said. Needs to post to all Filipinos all over the world. I salute and i am with you.

  97. Finally… Thank you, Sir. ,

    This started showing up on Facebook:

    While the message is well-meaning, AND I GET IT, I was actually offended by it.

    And for a moment, I chastised myself for being offended.

    It’s not like I love to complain about the Government (or everything else there is to complain about). Being angry over something eats at me. It tires me out. But it felt wrong not to speak up. If there is anything, I am angry at these people who gives me reason to be angry. It’s pure injustice.

    I feel you, sir. I’ve been looking for something, an eloquent answer as to why I feel maligned whenever someone tells me to just shut the fuck up and do the work that is infront of me. I have been helping because I know just how horrible it is to be a victim… and I have complained because I want to have as many people enlightened; let not these sins be forgotten.

    One does not need to cancel the other.

    Thank you for reminding people to speak up. Hey, at some point, even Jesus raised hell at the sight of common decency being trampled.


  99. Here’s another thumbs up from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. You read my mind…and more. Thanks Mr. Gallaga.

  100. yup.. tama ka mr Gallaga..kahit ako na walang tinapos ay di ko gagawin un sa aking mga anak at ayokong makita na sila ay nagugutom at nauuhaw. Magiging irresponsible akong ama pag pababayaan ko sila. Ang pagrereklamo ay isang paraan upang gisingin ang nagtutulog tulogan at paalalahanan ang nag mamaang maangan. Wag sana silang magkakandidato kung di nila kayang gampanan. thanks sa ng mga dayuhan na agad tumulong. God bless!

  101. Mr Gallaga would you finance the civil war? I will surely join the arm struggle in the city. I will gladly summary execute those bastard if it solves the problems in the philippines. For the good of the country, my children and their future.

  102. Very we’ll said, Mr Peque Gallaga! God Bless Phillippines and the Filipino people especially those affected by this calamity.

  103. I salute you sir!!! I’m from Chicago, IL and we know what is happening to our country!! It’s a big embarrassment to all the Philippine government officials!.. Shame on them!! For what I see now, Philippines could stand by itself without those government officials and I think it’s better that way!! Thank you for your post.. I hope everybody will wake up after they read it!! Mabuhay tayong lahat Mr Peque Gallaga!

    Gladen Gilera Lieb

  104. binigyan na nga tayo ng mga malalaking donations from different helpful kind and generous countries to immediately address the problems of the typhoon yolanda victims but what happen nabablanko ang kanilang mga isip di alam kung ano decision and susundin kailangan pang punain ng mga dohnors sa abroad nakakahiya sila hindi mo alam kung ano priority ang dami daming naghihirap di agad nilulunasan. mas inuuna pa ung huling tinaman kaysa sa mga pinakaunang nasalanta. bengatibo sila! walang kwenta mamuno.dapat lahat pinagsisilbihan hindi dapat iniiwanan sa gitna ng sobrang kahirapang dinadanas ng ating mga kababayang nalulugmok sa kamalasan. puro salita mind conditioning tama na yan gawin ang nararapat kung sa Diyos ikaw’y tapat. tama na satsat.

  105. Watching ABS-CBN would make you think about the situation, but watching the whole interview of foreign correspondents would make you say that korina is nothing but a butthurt wife of Power greed and forever papogi, Mar Roxas. the Noy-Mar tandem is the worst of all the executive team in years. Grow up, stop pointing fingers and take full accountability.

  106. You are 101% correct and brutally frank but sincere and honest. It doesn’t mean that if we criticize the Gov;t we don’t love the Phils and our countrymen. What we are trying to tell them are their shortcomings and promises that they failed to fulfill. I don’t know why our friends and some people are mad at people who criticize, What we are saying is our opinion and they have their own opinion, so be it. Cooper’s report make the Nat’l Gov’t to act faster and make a big impact on other nation to help. Imagine 5 days of no relief (food and water), I am surprise how they survived. God Bless them

  107. bravo direct VERY WELL SAVE hope our people be sensitive enough …..
    million thumbs up …… god bless you more power and strength ……

  108. VERY WELL SAID! God Bless You Direk Peque!!! The SINCERITY, and HONESTY reflects the TRUTH of what our government has… impotent and incompetent leaders. Can someone initiate a call for a snap election?!

  109. Peque Gallaga’s sentiments inspires to awaken our long dormant national awareness. We who live outside the Philippines may not be the targeted audience of this commentary but it serves to remind us of the negative protracted impact our choices can lead us!

  110. Hay naku,,, kawawa nman ang bansa natin, kalian kaya tayo magkakaroon ng matinong pinuno na magbibigay lunas sa malalang sakit ng ating lipunan. DIYOS KO KAAWAAN MO PO KAMI…………. BIGYAN MO PO KAMI NG MATINO AT MABUTING LEADER SA AMING BANSANG PILIPINAS.

  111. I have nothing more to say, bec. you said it all” PERFECTLY WELL” dirct peque…thank GOD there are still people like u…thank u direct…GOD BLESS THE PHIL & GOD BLESS US ALL!

  112. Thank you Mr. Gallaga for your comment on the true state of our nation. The incompetence and insensitivity of this government is unmasked.
    More power to you.

  113. Thank you, sir, for expressing how we all feel. I have read all the 178 replies before this, and every single one of them agreed with everything you said!

  114. at the bottom of my heart , I thank you sir !! your message bring us joy in our hearts . Your SPIRIT IS A BIG BIG HUG , touching the broken hearts With .TEARS , asking PLEASE ,My GOD ,my Ever-Loving GOD enter the hearts of our government officials please touch them , it’s time to wake -up now !!!!

  115. Salamat Direct Peque! You were able to voice out the anger I felt and the rest of the Filipino people to this pretentious government who always claims to be for the people. I can only but cry with anger for all the people whose suffering, crying begging for food and a simple bottle of water and yet a week from the moment the tragedy passed not one single help was given to the people of Tacloban. With all the donations we gave and all the other agencies and other nations, SANA, NANALANGIN na makarating ng buo sa lahat ng mga tao that were affected and still suffering ang lahat ng tulong.Mabuhay kayo Direk!

  116. Thank you sir for helping us expressing out what we felt to this useless government. Im here at Arlington Va. by myself and all of my family lives in Tacloban City near coastal area where in their house been wash out too. I am blessed and thankful to our lord almighty that my whole family survived to this deadly typhoon. It really makes me angry to this government especially when i heard from my family after three days of typhoon telling me no support from the national govt no food to eat no water to drink no medicine and no rescue effort for those who need help dead body every where, it makes me cried after hearing their experience and sentiment. Thank you Mr Gallaga for this strong message And I hope all filipino especially the victims of this typhoon grant peace and justice.

  117. well said Derek Peque..u have d courage to speak..we need change..Government/Senate/House..Revolution…

  118. True! like your line esp. korina said to copper as “misinformed” he, he, this lady is purely “sick in nature” her feet was not in leyte rather than copper…that aquino is “unqualified” for the presidential position…

  119. Maraming salamat direk. sa wakas. Sana din may makagawa ng movie na ang story ang totoong nangyayari behind the lies at para mas maintindihan ng mga manonood. i have a story sana…

  120. Thank you sir for expressing what most of us Taclobanons have in mind. These people will not understand how we feel. I wish they are on our shoes so that they will experience what we are going through right now. An incompetent leader is one who always blame others when situations as bad as what we went through happen. I wish these people will read what you have written and realize that what they did is in human

  121. Dapat mabasa to ng lahat. All Filipinos should wake up. It still saddens me that there are people who would call you names because you criticize Aquino and his admin. I never liked him in 2010 cause he was clearly someone without vision & I really asked people not to vote for him but still he won. Bakit? Please tama na.

  122. Someone should have this translated into the three major dialects of the Philippines namely in Tagalog, Visayan and in Muslim. This very informative article should serve as a wake-up call to those who still believe in the rotten system of governance that is continually plaguing the Republic!

  123. Tama lahat ang sinulat ni Mr. Gallaga, mas maganda, may mag organize na tao para pag isahin ang ating pananaw at tayo ay makatulong sa tunay na pagbabago

  124. I do believe that he cannot do it alone, he will be needing us the people, However he is not a good manager, he cannot decide on anything based on his own judgement. Where are all the decisions coming? Of course his inner circle and political allies. What happened to us the people who placed him in the office, no amount of consultancy has ever been made, he only listens to his cohorts. I I never supported the Romualdezes until this last election when at first hand saw the big changes he made to Tacloban, What we ask the President is real compassion to the people who are continuously suffering from the day Yolanda/Haiyan devastated the area. We Leytenos are hurled insults in the national media from his secretaries statement “Bahala na kayo” to “Transferring hub to the political ally area of jurisdiction”. Wow! We are all saddened of this cruelty…… I dont think we deserve him.

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